IMG_8600Are you aware that a “Credit History Report” reflects details of your current and previous residential addresses, current and previous employer details, telephone and cellphone numbers, full details of all your current and previous accounts (Retailers, Credit Cards, Vehicle Finance, Home Loans, short-term loans etc. etc.) as well as a 24-month “Monthly Payment Behaviour” on those accounts?

Consumers applying for Home Loans are often declined because of an ‘adverse’ Credit Report.

Such clients do not necessarily have judgements or defaults appearing against their name, but the 24-month “Monthly Payment Behaviour” may reflect unpaids or late payments, and banks are extremely wary of granting finance to someone with a poor “payment behaviour”.

It is of the utmost importance therefore that consumers ensure that all accounts are paid by the due date. For instance, if an account is due on the 31st of a month and the consumer pays it on the first or second day of the next month, the retailer will have listed the account as “unpaid” for that month and this will reflect under the consumer’s monthly payment behaviour.

If this happens often enough it affects the consumer’s “Credit Score” and will seriously prejudice his chances of being granted a home loan. Remember: the account has actually been paid … albeit a few hours after the “due date”, but the client’s “payment behaviour” will have been affected!

It is very important that you know your credit status BEFORE you embark on viewing properties.

If you apply for a home loan and it is declined because your Credit Report reflects “poor payment behaviour” such decline leaves a “negative footprint” which, in turn, could prejudice any future application for finance!

Why not contact us for a Free Full Credit History Report?

We could at the same time determine the home loan amount you can expect to be granted, thus enabling you to view properties in the appropriate price range safe in the knowledge that when/if you apply for a home loan it will be granted.

Cautionary Note: Too many Credit Enquiries can also adversely affect a consumer’s “credit footprint”. When we request a customer’s Credit Report from the Credit Bureaux it is not reflected and therefore leaves no “footprint” on their credit history!

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