Liz de Mink – Owner and Senior Consultant


Liz, our Senior Consultant and the founder and owner of De Mink Property Finance, was an award-winning estate agent before turning to mortgage origination at its inception in South Africa. She now has over 20 years of experience in the South African property market.

Her no-nonsense approach and refusal to compromise on the quality of her service are the main drivers behind our success. She will never make false promises and always tells it like it is, ensuring that our clients can make informed decisions and are prepared for the enormous and long-term financial commitment they are taking on when purchasing property/applying for a home loan.

Liz believes that this preparedness is essential because, while there have been highs and lows in  property finance over the past seventeen years, it has never been as difficult  to secure mortgage finance as it is now. She does everything she can to ensure that a client’s bond application receives fair consideration and a positive outcome. Despite the difficult times faced by the industry Liz remains a passionate, persistent perfectionist and workaholic.

All these facts taken together with her years of experience and encyclopedic knowledge of the various banks mortgage-lending criteria mean that Liz is more a force of nature than a mere consultant and all our clients know the inestimable value of having her in their corner.

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