MaxCare: a step in the right direction

I am a Mortgage Origination Consultant and have successfully operated independently as a small business in the quiet Cape Town suburb of Panorama since 2004. To better serve my clients I partnered with Mortgage Max which is a subsidiary of the Betterlife Group.

As everyone is aware, the big financial institutions and other corporations have for very many years offered “incentives” to business associates in the form of overseas trips, expensive gifts, dinners, functions and “sponsorships”. I myself had been the recipient of several of these rewards/incentives over the years but given the socio-economic realities of South Africa, I found myself growing increasingly disenchanted and disheartened by these excesses.

At a meeting with Mr Jors van Niekerk, the CEO of Mortgage Max, two years ago I discussed with him my concern about the very large sums of money still being spent on these so-called “incentives” at a time when such funds were sorely needed by charitable organisations working to uplift the very many impoverished people in this country.

As I am a small fish in a very big pond, I did not think my concern would be heeded but I am delighted to tell you that Mortgage Max/Betterlife did indeed listen to my plea!

In addition to the more than R500 000 Betterlife has already donated to charity this year, Mortgage Max introduced a  ‘Corporate Social Investment Programme’  called  MAXCARE.  Every quarter a Mortgage Max Mortgage Origination Consultant (and there are many of us all over South Africa!) can nominate a charity of their choice and write a small motivation as to why that charity should benefit. The five best nominations are selected, these names are then put into a hat and a name is chosen at random at the Mortgage Max head office in Johannesburg. This fantastic ‘incentive’ was introduced in September and every quarter one Consultant’s charity will benefit to the tune of R20 000!!whatsapp-image-2016-12-07-at-17-10-21

I was over the moon when I was recently informed that my nomination of St Joseph’s Home for Chronically Ill Children in Montana  is the FIRST winner of the MAXCARE R20 000 donation. My staff and I had the privilege of handing over a cheque to St. Joseph’s on the 7th of December.

Please see below for a brief ‘history’ of St Joseph’s Home.


My email nominating St. Joseph’s


St Joseph’s Home for Chronically Ill Children is a registered non-profit organisation.    It is one of the only institutions in South Africa which supports children, families and communities from poorly-resourced areas in free paediatric intermediate health care (a step down facility between acute hospital and home.)

This multi-disciplinary and holistic model includes:

  • 24 hour specialised and general nursing care
  • rehabilitation, physio- occupational- and speech therapy, social work support and psychological counselling.
  • on-site school education to Grade 7, parental empowerment, specialised nutrition, logistical support, a nurse-training school, and follow-up visits.

Each year at St Joseph’s more than 300 vulnerable children from impoverished families receive a second chance at childhood.

Currently, existing services for children are confined to inpatient care in specialised hospitals such as Red Cross, Tygerberg Children’s Hospital and Groote Schuur Hospital and their associated outpatient departments. These services are often far from the patents’ homes and they can only see patients for one rehabilitation treatment session per month.

This is vastly inadequate to address the needs of young patients requiring rehabilitation.   St Josephs Home is one of the most innovative and progressive institutions pioneering the uncharted field of paediatric in-patient rehabilitation dedicated to children at a community level.


Located in Montana, Cape Town, this unique facility was established in 1935 by the Pallottine Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Church.  More than 22 000 Orphaned and vulnerable chronically ill children and children with disabilities have been cared for over a period of 81 years (!).


St Jospeh’s believes that every child deserves a chance at childhood.     Children with life-limiting and life-threatening chronic illnesses from poor families are referred to St Joseph’s by acute paediatric hospitals like Red Cross, Tygerberg, Victoria and Groote Schuur.    Children whose caregivers are unable to manage their child’s illness or disease and are poverty-stricken, are referred to St Joseph’s for healing and rehabilitation.    Prevalent illnesses include cancers, diabetes, respiratory, neurological, heart-lung-kidney failures, congenital abnormalities and  HIV/AIDS.

St Joseph’s strives to be recognised as the best health-care organisation in the country providing nursing and rehabilitation to medically-fragile children.   The holistic model – unique in South Africa – offers a child-centred approach which has been developed over more than 80 years.

St Joseph’s provides a  120-bed in-patient facility and employs 92 staff of whom more than 82% come from historically disadvantaged communities. The majority of the staff are female and head single-income families.   At St Joseph’s they are given the opportunity to experience job security and career advancement.

St Joseph’s also has therapeutic staff members i.e.  Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Physiotherapists.


Every Child dreams of and deserves a happy childhood no matter their limitation. Your donations and/or volunteering can make this a reality for some of the Western Cape’s most vulnerable children.

Please visit St. Joseph’s website to learn even more about this truly remarkable organisation.

Our Staff on an earlier trip to St. Joseph’s:

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